Kami Doma Sherpa, the founder’s,
Vision of Our Home Away from Home

Our Home Away from Home is not just a place that came about suddenly. It is a place I had been yearning for, for the children who travel hours everyday to attend the public school in Namche Bazaar. When we were growing up, my parents (and many other parents) did not have a choice but to send us to boarding schools in Kathmandu in order to get a good education. We were as young as five years. Yes we received great education, however there was something missing. Our families were far away and we did not get to see much of them. We had forgotten our native language and culture.

Today, the education at the public school has improved tremendously over the decade and parents are willing to send their children there. However, some of these children still have to travel an hour or two to get to school. I have been teaching at the local school and I had been dreaming about a place for these children. Finally in 2009, with the help of my parents, we were able to make it happen. We started with 17 children and now we have close to 80 children enrolled for next year.

Our mission here is to provide a home for the children, aid in academics and encourage them to participate in extra curricular activities, while also passing on our native Sherpa language and culture to the next generation.

It costs $2000 for a whole year per child. This includes their school tuition, uniform and room/board, basically everything.

We have several underprivileged children who could use any support. If you would like to help sponsor a child, please contact us at tsedam2002@yahoo.com.

collage of children